The Buy Back Textbooks App!

We're happy to announce our app is finally live in both the Apple & Android App Stores! Best of all, it's free!

This app makes selling back your old books & textbooks both fun & profitable. How it works is this; simply install the app and then grab some books you want to sell. With the app you can easily scan the barcode on the back on the book, once it beeps our system goes to work. In a matter of seconds you'll see how much each store will pay for your book!

One great thing is that while it was originally created for textbooks, it works on all books. So you if you have a bookshelf full of books you want to sell, grab your phone and start scanning. You can then pick who you want to sell your books back to. The store will give you a pre-paid shipping label, simply print it out, slap it on a box with your books, and in a week or so you'll get paid with PayPal or a check!

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